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"We Tube" is a Rip Off of YouTube

The Phenomenon of 'Why This Kolavari Di' Durable Link to this entry

Since its preview, this catchy "Why This Kollavari Di" tune has taken the Indians by storm. Half-English, half-Tamil it has distict "street accent" and millions can identify themselves with it, because that's how they speak in today's India.

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Vrishti Pode Tapur Tupur (Song of the Monsoons) Durable Link to this entry

We celebrate monsoons in India via these two very popular songs.

Same song adapted to a Hindi movie to a melodious tune.

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Desi Talent in Norway Durable Link to this entry

An Indian-Norwegian boy dancing Naka Mukka in the Norway's Got Talent Show.

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Dum Bhar Jo Udhar Muh Pere Durable Link to this entry

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Come Dance with Madhuri (Nachle) Durable Link to this entry

Clip of a a very popular song-dance sequence from "Aaja Nachle", 2007.

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Fabulous ''Dola Re Dola'' Number from Devdas Durable Link to this entry

Happy Durga Puja!

Enjoy this fabulous dance sequence featuring perhaps two of India's most beautiful women set on the occasion of Durga Puja. (from the movie Devdas, 2002)

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Yuwati Mana Daruna - Youthful Mind of a Maid Durable Link to this entry

Here are some brilliant renderings of the famous song by Dinanath Mangeshkar.

by Bharat Balvalli:

by Samidha Joglekar:

by Asha Bhosle:

See Also:
• Natyageet Genre of Indian Music
• Performing Arts of India

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Fevicol Advertisement Durable Link to this entry

This delightful Fevicol advertisement celebrates 50 years of Fevicol.

See Also:
• Indian Brands

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Last Ball Sixer! Durable Link to this entry

This clip from 1986 belongs among the climax of sporting excitements. Two warring nations (India and Pakistan) meeting in a big final in a 3rd country (Sharjah).

With one last ball remaining, Javed Miandad needs a boundary, and comes up with a brilliant sixer, stunning a billion fans.

Indians have hated Miandad ever since. It didn't help that he is related by marriage to the Mafia of Mumbai.

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Hum Banana, Tum Banana Durable Link to this entry

Today we look at the hit song of 1981, "Hum Bane, Tum Bane" from the movie "Ek Duje Ke Liye".

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Classic from Sagara Sangamam Durable Link to this entry

Today's entry is a timeless number from K. Viswanath's popular "Sagara Sangamam", featuring talented Kamal Hasan and stunningly beatiful Jayaprada. The music is by Ilayaraja.


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Mohe Bhool Gaye Savariya -- Love is a Fallacy Durable Link to this entry

"Mohe Bhool Gaye Savariya" song by Lata Mangeshkar for the movie Baiju Bawra, 1952

The best part comes when the girl repents "Love is a fallacy. The lover is a fallacy. This entire city is a fallacy"

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Agar Tum Mil Jao Durable Link to this entry

You don't get to hear many Islamic Love songs in the main stream media, do we?

This beautiful love song by Tassawar Khanum (a Pakistani Muslim) can melt any heart.

Love is a beautiful thing. Melodious music is a beautiful thing, and shows that both have no nationality and religion.

I think a whole life will be worth living if there is one soul who feels for you like the feeling in 5:21.

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Jyoti Kalash Zalake Durable Link to this entry

During a function honoring Lata Mangeshkar, L.K.Advani requested that she sing "Jyoti Kalash Zalke" song from the movie "Bhabhi ki Chudiyan".

It is an old movie, none from our generation would have seen, so we looked it up on YouTube, and discovered a true gem, a timeless classic.

Link to Jyoti Kalash Zalake on YouTube

There is another version by Sanjeevani, which is pretty good as well (shown below):
PS: Ignore the irritating guy next to the singer.

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Rural Inventors of India Durable Link to this entry

The video clip shows common people of India solving their problems in their own innovative ways.

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Great Clips of Desi Cinema - Rang Barse Durable Link to this entry

Today's selection is the ever so popular "Rang Barse" sang by Amitabh Bachchan.

This song is important for several reasons.

It features Amitabh in a very masculine voice. It has since become a staple song to sing and dance during the Holi festival.

The pretext of festive intoxication is used by the director to re-ignite an old flame. The discomfort of their spouses ( both the characters now married to different people) is obvious and draws the sympathy of the viewer.

You can see the beautiful Indian actress of Rekha.

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Great Moments of Desi Cinema -I Durable Link to this entry

While filming the movie "Coolie", the leading actor Amitabh Bachan got injured during a stunt.

The ensuing chaos and drama in 1983 is the first of our series, "Great Moments of Desi Cinema".

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Dil Mein Tuje Bitha Ke Durable Link to this entry

The following Bollywood love song borders the worship of her lover and is a long time favorite of young people in India.

The video is un-imaginative and tacky -- although you can enjoy a young Shabana Azmi, but the song is melodious and conveys the the intense love felt by the woman.

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What's Inside Sania's Bag? Durable Link to this entry

The Tennis Channel is currently featuring "Sania Mirza Bag Check".

This is a segment where professional tennis players show what they carry in their bags. Other than tennis raquets that is....

Link to Video (Windows Media)

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Laughing Clubs of India Durable Link to this entry

You might have heard about the laughing clubs of Mumbai. Laughter, as they say, is indeed the best medicine.

Here's a video of a laughing community of New Delhi.

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Zeenat in Satyam Shivam Sundaram Durable Link to this entry

A wet Zeenat Aman worshiping the symbolic phallus (Lingam) is a great scene in the history of Desi cinema.

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Indian Bachelors in Dubai Durable Link to this entry

This rather boring video is insightful for the trivial stuff it tells about Indians in Dubai... their "community cooking", their apartment quality, their furniture quality, and how they spend time together....

BTW, check out this new Desi Video Sharing site

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RSS Propaganda Video Durable Link to this entry

A well-made video on the activities of Rashriya Swayamsevak Snagh, a voluntary organization of India, that is also often accused of extreme Hindu nationalism.

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Going to School Durable Link to this entry

via Arjun Prabhu, this wonderful video of kids going to school in India.

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Role Reversal Durable Link to this entry

Have you wondered how Americans have hard time saying Meenakshi Sundaram, while they have no problem with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Anyway, here's a video that reverses the roles. Very funny, and even thought provoking...

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Curry-N-Rice Girl Durable Link to this entry

MC Vikram and Luda Krisha are back with a rap of finding an Indian bride.

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Taste of Indian Traffic Durable Link to this entry

The "Mighty Indian Traffic Scene" (Reality Video)

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Welcome to WeTube Durable Link to this entry

"WeTube" is a rip-off of "YouTube".

We will feature best of home-made desi music and home-made desi videos.

We kick off with an all time favorite:

MC Vikram and Luda Krisha "Welcome You to India" (Text of Rap Lyric).

Video at YouTube:

and of course, the "Mighty Indian Traffic Scene" (Reality Video) in the Next Entry

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