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A List Of Indian Weblogs

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????????? by SRRao Blog Portal Profile
Description: A blog on different topics in telugu language
Updates: Sep. 30, 2014 (crawl)
Location: Vijayawada, Andhra Prades
Tags: General
Pickup Line: ???????... ????? ????.... ???? ' ???? ' ??????.... ????

 Arun Shanbhag

Arun Shanbhag by Arun Shanbhag Blog Portal Profile
Description: Life is Beautiful! Love it the fullest!
Updates: Sep. 30, 2014 (crawl)
Location: Boston
Tags: konkani, spirituality, fitness
Pickup Line: Best Way to Treat Achilles Tendonitis: Stretching & Moderation

Maddys ramblings

Maddys ramblings by Manmadhan Blog Portal Profile
Description: varied musings of a world traveller
Updates: Aug. 28, 2006 (ping)  Sep. 30, 2014 (crawl)
Tags: kerala, india
Pickup Line: James Darragh in Aleppey

Indian Government Jobs

Indian Government Jobs by Kasthuri, Ganesh Blog Portal Profile
Description: Indian Government Vacancies, Indian banks, PSU, BSNL, IOC, etc can be viewed here...
Updates: Sep. 30, 2014 (crawl)
Tags: government jobs, bank jobs
Pickup Line: Junior Engineer and Operator Naukri in Cement Corporation of India Limited - November 2014

Check voter id card status- Apply online CEO officials by Tushar Goyal Blog Portal Profile New Entry
Description: Check voter id card status online, a complete step by step guide
Updates: Sep. 28, 2014 (crawl)
Location: india
Tags: Voter Id Card status, Registration for new voter id card
Pickup Line: How To Get a Duplicate Voter ID Card In India- CEO Officials


GreatBong by Arnab Blog Portal Profile
Description: ''Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind''
Updates: Nov. 17, 2006 (ping)  Sep. 22, 2014 (crawl)
Location: Washington D.C.
Tags: bengal, news
Pickup Line: Events for Yatrik

???? (Panchi)

???? (Panchi) by Monika Jain Blog Portal Profile
Description: Blog for Hindi Poems, Hindi Articles Quotes and Thoughts, Inspirational and Moral Hindi Stories, Pen
Updates: Sep. 22, 2014 (crawl)
Tags: Hindi Poems, Hindi Stories, Hindi Articles, Quotes, Drawings
Pickup Line: Essay on Teachers Day in Hindi

Filmystan | The Bollywood Blog

Filmystan | The Bollywood Blog by Roy Daniel DSIlva Blog Portal Profile
Description: Provides reviews, views and previews of Bollywood and everything related to it.
Updates: Sep. 22, 2014 (crawl)
Location: Mumbai
Tags: Bollywood news, Bollywood movie reviews, Bollywood music reviews
Pickup Line: Ranbir Kapoor is Breaking the Rules

Sikh Philosophy Network

Sikh Philosophy Network by Aman Singh Blog Portal Profile
Description: A website dedicated to Sikh philosophy, with more than ten thousands members from accross the world
Updates: Sep. 22, 2014 (crawl)
Location: India
Tags: sikh, sikhs, sikhism, sikh religion, sikh philosophy, religion, philosophy,
Pickup Line: GGS being burnt

Impressions ~ of what comes to my mind.

Impressions ~ of what comes to my mind. by T.V. Antony Raj Blog Portal Profile
Description: My name is T.V. Antony Raj, but most of my friends call me tvaraj.
Updates: Sep. 22, 2014 (crawl)
Location: Chennai
Tags: India
Pickup Line: Swami Chinmayananda and His Mission: Part 2 The Enlightened

Data Centre India

Data Centre India by Abhay Pratap Singh Blog Portal Profile
Description: Ablog about Indian data Center Services.
Updates: Sep. 22, 2014 (crawl)
Location: India
Tags: Data, Centre, Dedicated, Server
Pickup Line: Leverage the Benefits of Dedicated Server with Cloud Hosting

Megavenues.com Blog | Event and Celebration Venues | Blog Portal Profile
Description: Event venues portal of India.
Updates: Sep. 22, 2014 (crawl)
Location: India
Tags: venues, banquet halls, wedding halls
Pickup Line: Top 8 Tips to Plan A Destination Wedding Infographic

Seo Blog India

Seo Blog India by Joydeep Bhattacharya Blog Portal Profile
Description: Seo blog containing various posts describing topics such as Seo,Social Media, Internet Marketing etc
Updates: Sep. 22, 2014 (crawl)
Location: New Delhi
Tags: seo, search engine optimization, social media blog, seo blog, internet, technology
Pickup Line: New In-App Audience Demographics Report, Remarketing Lists and Display Targeting Report Comes to Ana

Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary blog

Sanjeev Sabhlok's revolutionary blog by Sanjeev Sabhlok Blog Portal Profile
Description: This blog is focused on applying the principles of classical liberalism (freedom) to Indian politics
Updates: Sep. 22, 2014 (crawl)
Location: Australia
Tags: India, liberty, politics, economics, science, philosophy
Pickup Line: Can anyone help me physically lodge an RTI (no signature needed, only Rs.10 needed) at Deputy Commis

Sujit Kumar Lucky : Live In Own Thoughts

Sujit Kumar Lucky : Live In Own Thoughts by Sujit Kumar Lucky Blog Portal Profile
Description: I believed in Do before You Die. I like Hindi Poetry, stories. You can found Here Poetry, thoughts
Updates: Sep. 22, 2014 (crawl)
Location: New Delhi
Tags: Hindi poem, poetry, thoughts, sujit
Pickup Line: ?? ??? ??????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ??? !

MindCron - Cron Your Mind

MindCron - Cron Your Mind by Sanjit Vimal Blog Portal Profile
Description: The primary things which I have thought about sharing on this blog are: SEO, SEM, PPC, Internet Mar
Updates: Sep. 22, 2014 (crawl)
Location: Bnagalore
Tags: Computer, Internet, Finance, Articles, SEO
Pickup Line: Clicue has renovated itself as Gesture Controlled Website with its Project Gest


Maramkothi by Manoj Blog Portal Profile
Description: articles in regional language Malayalam on Politics, Technology, Movies, Sports, Automobile, short s
Updates: Sep. 21, 2014 (crawl)
Location: Palakkad, India
Tags: Malayalam, Kerala
Pickup Line: ???? ???????????


Beharlife.com Blog Portal Profile
Description: he best Hindi Blog for Motivational Hindi Articles, Hindi Stories, Hindi Quotes, Inspirational Hindi
Updates: Sep. 21, 2014 (crawl)
Location: New Delhi
Tags: Motivational, Hindi Quotes, Hindi Story
Pickup Line: Collegedunia.com: Student's Search Engine

Lapsus Calami

Lapsus Calami by Scorpio Blog Portal Profile
Description: Random musings of an urban hermit
Updates: Sep. 6, 2007 (ping)  Sep. 21, 2014 (crawl)
Location: Bhopal
Tags: general, bhopal, fiction, reflection, potpourri
Pickup Line: Prince of Persia adventures

Makeup Review & Beauty Blog

Makeup Review & Beauty Blog by jayshree bhagat Blog Portal Profile
Description: A beauty fashion blog to enhance your make up and beauty skills! Get hooked for product reviews, fas
Updates: Sep. 21, 2014 (crawl)
Location: India
Tags: makeup, beauty, fashion
Pickup Line: Kama Foot Cream with pure essential oils of lemon, verbena and cedar wood review

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