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The scene situation how? He really call the traffic police? With these questions, yesterday afternoon, the reporters came to Luoyang City Traffic Police Detachment patrol brigade high pay. According to informed the police about June 4th, about eighteen thirty, the brigade police officer Wang, in the line of duty, Nanchang Road in Hebei road in the process, found a black car license plate number for the relaxation of C4N444, along the shore of Hebei route west eastwards to Nanchang Road, want to take right turn lanes, its right to Xiyuan police command vehicle bridge direction, but the car and retrograde to keep straight, police stopped in time. Via checking, one section of a violation of prohibition lines running without carrying with the vehicle insurance sign driving the car, then according to the vehicle suspension. The car owners in the suspended process (car) where some of the back seat down, showing members of the CPPCC documents for rejected, hindering police law enforcement and abuse to the police.

"The whole process lasted nearly 20 minutes, during which he constantly insults, we brigade police never talk back, a video card, then according to the vehicle suspension." High pay patrol brigade a police said. In addition, the police also told reporters, he flashed the documents show, the Department of Songxian Sanda Gaoke pharmaceutical material limited company responsible person. According to investigation, the car did not apply for insurance to pay strong. Yesterday morning, the driver of a to the traffic police department to pay two times the amount of a fine of 1000 yuan, the police also shall be given to the driving illegal deduction of 3 points, a fine of 100 yuan punishment.

Although illegal behavior already, but the traffic police did not make a take the car. "Because he has insulted the plot, must come to apologize to my car." The police said. 5 afternoon, a reporter from the relevant department learned that inquires, illegal Mercedes-Benz owner why certain, dial the phone to verify the Mou "whether the user reflect abuse police" situation, the other only said, "he (the) willing to say how how to say, how to do (police) to a", then hang up the phone.