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The History, Mystery, and Diversity of India

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Ordinary Heroes
Memorials erected for brave men and women in a new research report.

Given to Goddess
Article and a number of pictures on the mysterious cult in Southern India called the devotees of Yellamma or Devadasis (temple women)

Fun with Vegetables
Kamat's lust for life is reflected even in the vegetables he buys! Pictures of common and uncommon vegetables of India.

Artifacts of Heritage
An assorted collection of historical and cultural artifacts from the Indian subcontinent

Of Men, Women and Neuters
Learn about the transvestites in India known as the Hijras and how they are different from the Jogappas practicing the Yellamma cult. While at it, see pictures of cross dressing in Indian theater.

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House of Pictures
Photographs and Paintings

Apsarakonda Waterfall
Waterfalls of North Kanara
Uttara Kannada
A Church at Amballi
Karwar, Uttara Kannada District

Making Love on a Swing
A "Dasayya" is having a nice time on a swing.
Erotic Arts of India
Finely Carved Hoyssala temple Sculpture
Shilabalika of Belur

Shilabalika of Belur
Finely Carved Hoyssala temple Sculpture
Tribals of Madhya Pradesh
Homeward Bound
A coal miner returns to village from work

Tribal Women on Errands
Tribals of Madhya Pradesh
Stencil Designs of India
Count the Monkeys!
Detail from a Kavi Art mural

Basing -- A Wedding Headgear made with Pith
Wedding headgear worn by Halakki farmers
Wedding Rituals of India
Ancient Fashions of India
Wealthy Man's Elongated Cap with Studded Emeralds

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