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A Wall Painting from Rural India
Amateur wall art, India
Painting of Lord Vishnu
Deity Laxmi in Mysore School of Art
Lakshmi -- Goddess of Wealth

Weight of Lord Krishna
A common vow among Hindus is to give charitable donations equal to the weight of a deity
The Weight of Krishna
Lord Krishna`s Birthday
Flower Offerings to Lord Krishna

Fruit Offerings for Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna`s Birthday
Cross-dressed Devotee
Man Dressed as Woman in Devotion
Picture of a member of the mysterious Yellamma cult

Mirabai - A Woman Saint Who Propagated Bhakti (Devotion) through Songs & Music
Saint Mirabai
Woman Saints of India
Andal - A Lady Saint of South India
Andal is an important saint of Bhakti, who practiced a new type of "romantic relationship" with the Lord.

Goddess Durga
Idol of eight-armed goddess Durga riding a tiger
Goddess Durga
Idol of Lord Vishnu
Four Handed Lord Vishnu
Depicttuion of Vishnu as the Lord of Guruvayur

Surya the Sun God
A sculpture from Karnataka
Sculpture of Surya

Sage Basaveshwara who founded the Lingayat cult in 12th century

Madhvacharya (guru) teaching a Desciple
Illustration from an old textbook
Sage Madhwacharya
Lord Brihaspati
Detail from a temple painting in Malagi village

Five Headed Goddess Lakshmi
Painting from a temple in the village of Malagi
Artist`s Depiction of Kalki
Lord Vishnu as Kalki
A Kavi art mural from Sukkeri

The Faith Makes The Man
A devout man offering prayers to an idol

Rama Sorrounded by Sita, Laxman and Hanuman
Tanjore School of Painting

Lord Brahma from a Sculptural Textbook
Illustration of Lord Brahma based on a sculptural textbook of Sri Kashyapa Shilpa Shastram (1st Century A.D.)
Lord Brahma
Swami Haridas
Swami Haridas (1478-1573)
Detail from a Indian Postal Stamp

Shoe Offerings to the Betal Spirit
The evil spirit of Betal (a.k.a. Vetal) being pleased by offerings of footwear, Cancone
Shoe Offerings!
Kama, the God of Love
Kama Shooting the Arrow of Lust
Painting by Rudrakumar Jha shows Kama burning in the fire of passion

Devotees Cooking for the Durga Pooja
Navaratri festival, Bangalore, 2001
Cooking as a Devotion

Idol of Goddess Kali

Ganapati Goes Bananas!
Idol of Lord Ganapati decorated with peeled bananas
Submitting Devotee
Devotees at the Footsteps of Gomateswara
Pilgrim center of Sravanabelagola in Karnataka

Goddess Saraswati
A painted wooden sculpture from Tamilnadu
Goddess of Learning
Goddess of Wealth
Goddess Laxmi
Goddess Laxmi depicted in a Madhubani folk painting

Vishwarupa of Lord Vishnu
Mysore traditional school of painting by Tippaji, 1857
Totality of Lord Vishnu

Adi Shankaracharya

Boy with a spear pierced though his cheek
Picture shows a boy in trans demonstrating his devotion by bodily injuring himself
Fulfilling a Vow via Body Injury
Saint Tukaram
Sant Tukaram
Detail from an Indian postal stamp

Priest and his Travelling Temple
Notice the floral and leaf decorations.
Neighborhood of Malleswaram, Bangalore
God on Rounds !
Ayyappa Cult
A Female Devotee of Ayyappa

Swami Ayyappa of Shabarimala
Pencil sketch on paper by Vikas Kamat
Swami Ayyappa
Wet Worship
Wet Devotees Waiting to Offer Prayers
Town of Udupi, Karnataka

Varuna, the God of Rains
Intricately carved crocodile sculpture from Halebidu
Lord of Rains
A Trans-conscious Devotee
Man in Trance while Carrying a "Divine Burden"
Observation of the "Bandi Festival", Honavar

Rati and Manmatha
A 10th century sculpture from Kalasa town, Shimoga District, Karnataka
Gods of Erotica
A 16th Centuty Tradition of Melkote
Devotee of Melkote
Relief on the footsteps of a temple. The belief was that the dust accumulated by the devotion of other devotees is enough for salvation

Swami Ramanand
Saint Ramanand fought against the evils of caste system and advocated devotion to reach God
Sant Ramanand
Bhakti Proponent Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (1486 - 1534)
A 16th century saint and social reformer of India

Sant Ravidas
Detail from a First Day Envelope
15th Century Saint Ravidas
Saints and Philosophers
Saint Namadeo (Namadev)
Indian stamp released to honor 13th century saint Namadev

Saint Eknath
Detail from a first day envelope released by Indian Postal Service honoring Eknath
Saint-Poet Eknath
Hindu Deity Dattatreya
Three Headed Animal Lover Dattatreya
Painting shows Hindu deity surrounded by animals he loves

Lord Vishnu as Fish (Matsyavatar)
Detail from a Kavi art mural from Rama Mandir temple, Honavar, 2005
Avatars of Vishnu
Jagannath of Puri
Idols of Balarama, Subhadra, and Krishna
Jagannath Temple, Puri

Guru Ghasidas
Stamp released in year 1987 to remember Dalit Saint Ghasidas
Saints and Gurus of India
Proponents of Bhakti
Chaitanya Mahabprabhu with Desciples

Vishnu as Vamana the Dwarf
Avatars of Vishnu
Guru Ramanuja
Saint Ramanujacharya
Detail from a sculpture, Mysore district, 2007

Ardhanarishwara -- Half Shiva and Half Parvati
Union of Shiva and Parvati


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