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Jai Karnataka -- Index of Topics

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Keywords: karnataka, carnatic, jai_karnataka

Kannada writer Prof. B.G.L. Swamy
Kannada Writers
M.V. Seetaramiah
Prof. M.V. Seetaramiah -- Kannada scholar

Kuvempu stands as a great name is Kannada literature.
An extra-ordinary poet, novelist and scholar, he spent his last days spreading the philosophy of Universal Manhood. Famous works: Ramayana Darshanam, Kanooru Heggaditi, and a number of popular poems.
K. V. Puttappa
Goruru Ramaswamy Iyengar
Kannada Writer Goruru Ramaswamy Iyengar

Kannada Poet G.P. Rajaratnam (1908-1979)
G. P. Rajarathnam
Shriranga - Kannada Dramatist
Kannada Dramatist Adi Rangacharya (Shriranga)

Kannada Poet V.G. Bhat
See a Poem by Bhat on K.L.Kamat
V.G. Bhat
S. L. Bhairappa
S. L. Bhyappa, Kannada writer and novelist

G.B. Joshi -- Kannada dramatist/publisher
G.B. Joshi --  Kannada dramatist/publisher
Portrait of a Yakshagana Dancer
"Where is my Mohini ?"
A Yakshagana performer plays Bhasmasura, the ash-demon

Cinema Cutouts, Bangalore
Cinema Cutouts Outside a Movie Plaza
The Jog Falls, Karnataka
The Jog Falls
The Sharavati river forms one of the deepest waterfalls in the world, at the Jog in Karnataka

Portrait of Puttanna Kangal
Kanagal was an outstanding Kannada cinema director.
Puttanna Kanagal

Chaduranga -- Kannada Writer and Critic

Dr. Masti Venkatesh Iyengar, short story writer
Famous Indians
Kannada Insciption
An Ancient Kannada Inscription

Dollu (drums) Dancer from Shimoga
See Also: Folk Artists of Karnataka
Dollu Kunita
M.V. Seetharamiah
Prof. M.V. Seetharamiah at his Residence
M.V.See. was a multi-talented scholar, researcher and artist.

The Waterfall at Shivasamudra
River Kaveri falls 320 feet to form a spectacular waterfall
Waterfalls of Karnataka
Portrait of Shamba Joshi
Kannada Researcher and Writer Sham. Ba. Joshi

The Big Two - Kuvempu and Masti at a function remembering B.M.Srikanthaiah
Kuvempu and Masti
H.M.Nayak and Goruru
Ha .Ma. Nayak and Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar
Picture taken in 1980 at a function remembering B.M. Srikanthaiah

Potrrait of Prof. A. N . Murthy Rao
Mr. Rao is a noted Kannada writer and essayist
A. N. Murthy Rao

Portrait of S. Diwakar
Kannada Writer and Editor

Veerashaiva Girl with Ash on Forehead
Shastry Chawl, Dharwad
Lingayat Girl
M. Govind Pai
Portrait of M. Govind Pai
Kannada Poet and Scholar

Portrait of Prof. A. N. Moorthy Rao
Prof. Moorthy Rao
Kannada Poet GSS
Portrait of G. S. Shivarudrappa
File photo from Kamat Photo Database

Kannada Playwright and Publisher G.B. Joshi (1904-1993)
Joshi brought to such great Kannada writers as Chittal and Karnad
G.B. Joshi
Sham. Ba. Joshi
Portrait of Kannada Researcher S. M. Joshi
Shamba as he is known popularly, Joshi is a very important Kannada scholar of modern times

Kannada Poet Su. Ram. Ekkundi
S.R. Ekkundi
Murals of Karnataka
Wall Painting from Residence of Nellappa, Tumkur
The paintings although similar to those in nearby Sibi, are less artistic.

Prehistoric Cave Illustration from South India
Hirebenagal Caves in Karnataka. Period: apprx.800 to 300 B.C
Prehistoric Paintings of Karnataka
K.S. Narasimha Swamy
Portrait of Kannada Poet K.S. Narasimha Swamy

Original Manuscript of Kannada Poet Sarvajna
18th Century, Keladi Museum Collection, Keladi
Humorist T.P. Kailasam
Portrait of T.P. Kailasam
Kailasam was great Kannada humorist and writer. From Manohara Grintha Mala Collection

Portrait of Mirji Annaraya
Kannada scholar and writer. From Manohara Grintha Mala Collection
Writer Mirji Annaraya
A. K. Ramanujan
Portrait of A. K. Ramanujan
Himself a well known scholar, Ramanujan translated some great Kannda works to English. From Manohara Grintha Mala Collection

Channappa Uttangi
A missionary and Kannada scholar. Uttangi was an authority on the works of Kannada poet Sarvajna. Picture from Manohara Grintha Mala Collection
Channappa Uttangi
Leader of Gokak Commision
Portrait of V.K. Gokak
Gokak, a Jnanapeeth awardee, is best known for a reform recommendation to make Kannada language compulsory in the state of Karnataka

Kannada Scholar T.S. Venkannayya
Kannada Writers
Kannada Scholar TiNamShri
Kannada Writer T.N.Srikantaiah

Portrait of Chandrashekhar Kambar
Kannada Writers
Portrait of BGL Swamy
Kannada Writer B.G.L. Swamy
This is a famous photograph of BGL Swamy by KL Kamat. Kamat has said that he was inspired by works of BGL, and has acknowledged his influence in his own work.

Portrait of Reverend F. Kittel
Kittel is remembered for compiling the first Kannada-to-English dictionary in 1894
Indologist Ferdinand Kittel
Portrait of Sriranga
Kannada Dramatist Sriranga
Known by his pen name Adyarangacharya, Sriranga was an important dramatist in modern Kannada literature

A Doctor and a Writer
Portrait of Anupama Niranjan. Through her writings Dr. Niranjan imparted valuable scientific and medical knowledge to India's rural population.
Dr. (Mrs) Anupama Niranjan
Chidananda Murthy
Portrait of M. Chidananda Murthy
Prof. Murthy is a great scholar of Kannada, and served as the chief of Kannada department in the University of Bangalore.

At the Kannada Poet's Meet
(R to L) Nissar Ahmad, Dodda Rangegowda, and Jyotsna Kamat
At the Poet`s Meet
Kannada Writer M.K. Indira
Portrait of M. K. Indira
Most famous for her work "Phaniyamma", Indira is a popular Kannada author

Portrait of Geeta Kulkarni
Kannada Writers
Girish Karnad
Portrait of Girish Karnad

Portrait of Dinakara Desai
Desai introduced the four-liner limericks in Kannada langauge
Dinakar Desai
U.R. Ananthamurthy
Portrait of Prof. U.R. Ananthamurthy
Ananthamurthy is a distinguished writer, scholar. He is an awardee of the Jnanapeeth honor.

Portrait of B.M. Srikantaiah
Known as B.N.Sri, Srikantaiah is regarded as one of the pillars of modern Kannada literature
Writer-Poet B.M.Sri
V. K. Gokak
Portrait of Prof.V.K. Gokak

Portrait of Shantadevi Kanavi
Mrs. Kanavi, wife of poet Channaveera Kanavi, is an important woman writer in Kannada
Shanta Kanavi - Kannada Short Story Writer
Women Kannada Writers
Portrait of H.V. Savithramma

Panje Mangesh Rao (1874-1937)
Panje Mangesh Rao
Poet Gangadhar Chittal
Portrait of Gangadhar Chittal (1923-1987)

Virupaksha Nayak
Nayak operated the "Ranga Torana" monthly dedicated to theatrical arts
Theater Activist Nayak
Gopalakrishna Adiga
Prof. Gopalakrishna Adiga
Kannada and English Scholar, Poet, Super Intellectual

Poet Gopalakrishna Adiga
Adiga (1918-1992) is regarded as one of the fathers of modern Kannada poetry (Navya Sahitya)
Kannada Writers and Poets
Kannada Genius Karanth
Shivaram Karanth (1902-1997)
Portrait of Shivaram Karanth

Yashwant Chittal
Famous works of Chittal include "Muru Darigalu", and "Shikari"
Kannada Novelist Chittal
Critic Kurtkoti
Keertinath Kurtkoti (1925-2003)
Kurtkoti was an outstanding Kannada writer, critic and thinker

Kannada Writer Prabhushankar
Writer Prabhushankar
Portrait of  M. Sivaram
Kannada Humorist M. Sivaram (Ra.Shi)
Raashi ran the pioneering Kannada humor magazine "Koravanji" and was himself a writer of light humor

A.R. Krishnasastry
Krishnasastry is most remembered for his classic "Vachana Bharat"
Kannada Scholar Krishnasastry
Ranganath Diwakar
Ranganath Diwakar
Ranganath Ramchandra Diwakar was a patriot, philosopher and scholar. His works in Kannada and English reflect his insights into philosophy, culture and yoga. He served India as a political prisoner, President of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee.

Eminent Lawyer and Writer Hemalata Mahishi
Hemalata Mahishi
Kannada Writers
Writer and Activist Shanta Nagaraj

V. V. Patil
Freedom Fighter V.V. Patil
Freedom Fighters of Karnataka
N. S. Hardikar (1889-1975)
Dr. Narayan Subbarao Hardikar

Freedom Fighter Gangadharrao Deshpande
Lion of Karnataka
Freedom Fighters of Karnataka
Bhimrao Balaji Potdar
Potdar was a Congress leader from Belgaum

Queen of Kittur, Channamma (1778-1829)
Detail from a postal stamp issued in 1977
Kittur Chennamma
Kannada Poet P.T. Narasimhachar
Pu. Ti. Narasimhachar

P.V. Acharya (Pavem)
Kannada scholar and writer Pavem edited "Kasturi" monthly for a long time
Scholar Pa. Vem. Acharya
Kannada Writers
Lalita Ramanna
From Manohara Grintha Mala collection

Kannada Poet M. Akbar Ali
Poet Akbar Ali
Kannda Activists and Literateurs
Those Who Saved Kannada
(L to R) Nadiger, G.B. Joshi, K.V. Iyer, Alur Venkata Rao, V.B.Naik , Karna

Siddavanahalli Krishna Sharma
Kannada writer, freedom fighter, and educationist
Siddavanahalli Krishna Sharma
Members of "Geyelara Gumpu"
Govindrao V. Chulaki
Kannada publisher and writer

T.N. Srikantaih (Tinamshri)
Kannada scholar and an authority on Kannada poetics
Scholar Ti. Nam. Shree.
Kannada Writers
Krishnakumar Kallur
Kannada playwright and short-story writer. Major works include "Jagrutarashtra" and "Gubbiya Samsara"

Portrait of Poet D.S. Karki
Karki is most remembered for "Hacchevu Kannadada Deepa" song
Kannada Writers and Poet
Makers of Modern Karnataka
Missionary Herman Mongling
Early German missionary who worked for Kannada

N.S. Gadagkar
Writer and award winning translator
Kannada Writers
Kannada Writers
Sundar Nadakarni

Shankar Mokashi Punekar (1928-2004)
Punekar's works include "Gangavva Gangamayi" and "Avaheswari"
Writer S.M. Punekar
Awakening of Kannada
Kadapa Raghavendrarayaru
Kannada researcher and Kannada activist

Sali Ramachandraraya
Kannada poet, freedom fighter for India
Leaders of Karnataka
Awakening of Karnataka
Huilgol Narayana Rao
Rao is most remembered for "Udayavagali namma chaluva kannada nadu"

K. Gopalakrishnaraya
Kannada essayist and writer
Kannada Writers
Awakeing of Karnataka
Poet Shantakavi
One of the foremost Kannada writers and Keertankars

K. Chengalaraya Reddy
Eminent Parlimentatian from Mysore State
Freedom Fighters of Karnataka
S.V. Ranganna
S.V. Ranganna
Prof. Ranganna was a English professor in Mysore University who translated many English works into Kannada language

Muduvidu Krishnarao
Krishnarao fought for unification of Karnataka
Orator and Writer Krishnarao
Members of "Geleyara Gumpu"
Prahlad Naregal


Kamat's Potpourri Jai Karnataka -- Index of Topics

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